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01 September 2011 @ 08:13 pm
Fan Fiction - Feel it Now 3/?  
Title: Feel It Now
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Rookie Blue. This is for entertainment only (and something I would love to see happen).
Pairing: Andy/Sam
Summary: With Sam gone to Guns and Gangs will Andy cope on her own?
Notes: This is my first Rookie Blue fic and it was set after ‘In Plain View’. I have changed the opening a few times to fit with what was happening and I was going to change it again but I will never post it if I keep doing that. It still fits well with what is currently happening.

I also need to thank Corrie and Amelia for betaing this for me. It really is a very big thank you! However after all their hard work I still change things so the mistakes are all mine.

Apartment 3B


High Park – Tuesday 7:20am

Sam was pacing just in behind the main gates; it was meant to look like he was there for a deal. Only he was thinking if someone saw him right now it would like he was a first timer instead of the experience criminal he was meant to be. “Finally” Sam mumbled as he saw Oliver approach.

“I shouldn’t be here Sammy?” Was all Oliver managed as a greeting.

“What happened?“ Sam said keeping it just as short.

“I want to know how you know anything happened.”

“And I want to know why I had to hear it from Boyd.”

“Because we knew you’d do something stupid …” Oliver stopped to look around the park before he continued. “Like this” he waved one hand in the air to make his point.

Sam turned as if he was about to walk away before drawing in a deep breath and turning back to face Oliver. “How is she?”

“Fine, it was really nothing.” Oliver softened his voice and leaned into hand him a folded piece of paper. “Just a cut and a few stitchers.”

“Stitchers!” Sam raised his voice without thinking. “That’s nothing?”

“Sam. It was nothing. McNally was back at work yesterday.” Oliver stopped for a moment. “You need to kept focused on your job.”

“Can you just set this up for me?” Sam asked his tone mixed with frustration and something that was almost seemed like begging.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” Oliver shot back

This time it was Sam handed an envelope over, “Yeah. Well Boyd signed it off.” Sam knew that Oliver had a point and Boyd had been a lot more direct when he voiced his displeasure at the plan.

He had been equally direct when he gave Boyd the option to follow his plan or watch him walk straight back into uniform. Sam knew what the case meant to Boyd; Oliver on the other hand was only interested in Sam as a friend. That meant he needed Oliver to help him, he couldn’t make him do it. He also wanted Oliver involved; he needed some there he trusted. “Please.” Sam finished as he turned and walked away from Oliver.

Once he was out of sight Sam opened the piece of paper he had been handed. He repeated the time and street name to himself before ripping it in half and dropping the paper into the trashcan.



Andy upended the last of the many boxes stacked in the corner marked as clothing onto the floor. Traci had gone back to Luke’s with her a few days after she had walked out. Together they had packed the last of her things; it wasn’t a lot but somehow they had still managed to not really list on the outside of the box what was in them.

“Yes.” Andy exclaimed as she pulled the knee-high boots out of the mess on the floor. Turning she threw them onto the bed with the short demean skirt and a black lace singlet. It was almost the same outfit she wore the last time she had to work with Vice. Only she had learnt after her first time on the street that she would need a jacket.

As Andy picked up the light black jacket that she would normally use in last spring she wished that she could have a normal coat. It was winter and she would be standing on a street corner half dressed. She hated to say it but it was the one thing she admired about these girls. They were on the street like this when it snowing; it brought home just how desperate they must be.



As the third car in the last 20-minutes pulled up in front of Andy she leaned in and said what was now becoming a confortable line for her. “Are you looking for a date?”

“What are you offering?”

Andy looked up with a forced smile on her face at the almost standard reply. It was like all John’s followed the same script. “I just want make you happy.” Andy managed to keep the smile on her face, “What will make you happy?”

“Will $20 get a blow job?”

Andy pushed her hair behind her ear and in just moments Joel from Vice was standing behind her. He flashed his badge, and was telling the John that he had noted his plates and that he needed to pull the car around the corner.

Back in position the wind felt like ice as it cut through Andy’s clothing. Her fingers were frozen and she lost feeling in her toes before the first car had pulled up. ‘This isn’t fun.’ Andy thought as she started to question what had changed Best’s mind. She had been so happy to get away from desk duty that Andy didn’t question it. On Monday morning he had told her she would be spending the week on the front desk. By Tuesday lunch he was telling her she would be helping Vice with Shaw.

‘Why had Oliver come with her?’ If, as best said, she was just replacing an officer that was out sick? Why had the other officer’s started an hour before her? And why had the Sergeant in charge asked Oliver if he was right with their part of the night?

Andy drew in a deep breath as a dark blue sedan pulled up to the kerb. She stepped forward and started to lean in the window. “Hello honey. Are you looking for a date?” Andy tried to keep her voice soft and sweet before she raised her eyes to look at the man she was talking to. As their eyes met Andy jumped, shocked to see who was staring back at her.


“Do you know what car your guys is in?” The Sergeant asked as he looked over to Oliver.

“No. Just a rough time.” Oliver said as he watched Andy approach the car. They both listened as she offered herself to the driver. “Not him.”

“She hasn’t looked at him yet.” The Sergeant said as she pointed out the window. “She doesn’t look at them until they speak. Most of my girls do it that way; talk first look later.”

“Get in.”

Oliver sat straight up as he heard he muffled voice through Andy’s mic. “It’s him.” Oliver clicked the button on his radio as he heard Andy’s voice again. “What …” Was all she managed. “McNally get in the car … we don’t have long.” Oliver said as he watch her open the door and slip out of sight.


The car was silent as Sam wound them though the back streets. He was worried that she wasn’t asking her normal string of never ending questions. He needed to see that she really was fine. He’d waited and watched her work; he knew that she could look after herself. He also knew that she didn’t really trust herself; her confidence was mostly a shell, and she didn’t like anyone to see it crack.

So as he had been doing for almost an hour now Sam kept watching her; only now he also had weave them through the maze of backstreets. “Here.” Sam shrugged off his own heavily padded jacket and passed it over to her.

“I’m fine.”

“You’ve been standing on a street corner.” Sam pushed it toward her. “You’re freezing.” With that he watched as she wrapped it around herself. It looked to him that she seemed to relax a little as she did. “Sorry about the hooker detail but it was the only thing that Boyd would agree too.” When she didn’t answer Sam continued to talk hoping to pull her out. “I’ve only got an hour.” He said as he looked at her tapping his ear.

“Oh.” Andy pulled her earpiece out and flicked the small switch on the side. “Better?”

“Yeah. Don’t think anyone needs to listen to us.” Sam said as he pulled the car into a dead-end ally with no street lamps. In one movement he released his seatbelt and turned to face Andy. “What happened?” His voice was soft; he was trying to sound like her friend. He was trying to hide just how scared he’d been when he Boyd had said in passing that his rookie had gotten herself in trouble again. Boyd had been giving Sam a hard time about his training technique; Sam guessed by the look on Body’s face he had no idea the trouble he was causing for himself by telling him Andy had been in hospital.

Sam reached his hand out toward her before half pulling it back only to advance again. He slipped it under her hair at the base of her neck and pushed most of it over her shoulder so he could see her face. Slowly he let his fingers travel up her neck; his hand shacking as he lightly brushed her skin until he could hold the rest of her hair away from the gash that ran along the hair line of her temple. “Andy?” This time he used her name as the question.

“I’m fine. It was just a silly accident.” Andy’s eyes dropped to the floor. “Jerry really shouldn’t have worried you with it.” A nervous half smile showed her face as she turned her head a little toward him. “If it wasn’t for the stitchers I would be back on the street already.”

Sam let his hand fall onto her shoulder. He wanted to keep in contact with her for as long as she’d let him. “Do you know where we are?” He could tell she was taken back by he question and he waited for her to catch up.


“See the window second from the left on the third floor?”

“Yeah.” Andy replied as she lowered her head to see out the passenger’s window.

“That’s apartment 3B. Whenever I’m there that light will be on.” Reluctantly he removed his hand from her shoulder and leaned across to open the glove compartment and pulled out small white box. “It’s pre-paid and I’ve programmed my number in.” He let her take the box from him. “If you need anything call me, anytime but only on that phone. If I call you don’t say your name when you answer; wait until I talk, if I don’t hang up and call Boyd.”

“Yeah he’d love that.” Andy voice was still laced with tension as she tried to smile at him. “Sam.” Her voice all but cracked as she said his name.

“It’s okay.” Sam said as he returned her smile hoping it would relax her. “Nothings going to go wrong … I’m going to be home in a few months.” He turned back to face the windshield and went to pull his seatbelt on when he saw her shaking. “Andy?” He let the seatbelt go. “Andy look at me.” Sam waited the few seconds it took for her to lift and turn her head to face him. “Andy … I’m sorry” he didn’t know what to do when he saw the tears silently tracing their way down her cheeks. “I just needed to make sure you were okay.” Sam said. “I didn’t mean to upset you.” ‘Why did he do this to her?’

“I miss you.” Andy quickly wiped her face with the sleeve of Sam’s jacket. “My life has always been a mess but at work it was different.” Andy stopped for a moment and took in a few shallow breaths. “At work we were partners … I felt like we could take on the world.”

“Andy you’re good cop. Your life is not a mess; you have a house and you’re getting married.” Sam had noticed that she wasn’t wearing her ring however he had guessed that she had taken it off for her night as a ‘hooker’. He saw her smile almost to herself.

“I’m not getting married, I don’t have a house. I don’t even have somewhere to live.” Andy finished.

“You’re not getting married? What did he do?” Sam stopped almost dead for a brief moment. “Did he do that?” Force in his voice matched the anger rising up in him.

“No.” Andy matched his tone before dropping her voice continuing a little embarrassed. “I tripped in my motel room and hit my head on the side table.”

Sam sat silent just watching her not sure what to say; he wanted to know what happened with Luke. He wanted to know why she was in a motel; he wanted to know why he had gone back under. “Why are you staying in a motel? What about Traci?”

“It is just until I find something. I stayed at Dad’s for a few days and Traci’s for three weeks; but you can only sleep on a fold out couch for so long. Besides” she said with a sad smile. “I think I was getting in Jerry’s way.”

“And she let you move into a motel.”

“No I told her I had a place. Told her I wanted to unpack before I had anyone over.”

“And how long to you think you think she will believe that for?”

“Until I can find somewhere and when she comes over she’ll believe that I just haven’t unpacked yet.” Andy smiled properly for the first time, “She’ll believe that.”



“That is the combination to by locker. In the cup at the back of the top shelf is a set of keys to my place and my truck---”

“No.” Andy cut him off.

“You can stay there for as long as you need to. Someone might as well be using it. What’s the combination?”



hollyjo12: Prince John thumb suckerhollyjo12 on September 21st, 2011 05:09 pm (UTC)
I hope you are planning on continuing this. I just found it and would love to read more. Really curious about what really happened to her head. She's told 3 different stories now and I'm not sure if any are true. Great job!
novita: TG Not gone well (green)lone_poppy on September 24th, 2011 01:46 am (UTC)
Hi, thanks.

I didn't think that anyone was reading here, so it's all up (so far) here