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30 August 2011 @ 03:04 pm
Feel It Now - 2/?  
Title: Feel It Now
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Rookie Blue. This is for entertainment only (and something I would love to see happen).
Pairing: Andy/Sam
Summary: With Sam gone to Guns and Gangs will Andy cope on her own?
Notes: This is my first Rookie Blue fic and it was set after ‘In Plain View’. I have changed the opening a few times to fit with what was happening and I was going to change it again but I will never post it if I keep doing that. It still fits well with what is currently happening.

I also need to thank Corrie and Amelia for betaing this for me. It really is a very big thank you! However after all their hard work I still change things so the mistakes are all mine.

Where is He?


Memorial Hospital – 10:22pm Sunday

“Really I’m fine.” Andy said for the fourth time as she focused solely on her phone, rather than the nurse that was preventing her from leaving. “It is nothing, I fell and hit my head.”

“Well, Ms. McNally, the seven stitches it took to close that head wound, and those marks on your arm tell me a different story.” The nurse stood at the end of the bed, tapping Andy’s chart with a pen. Andy guessed she was trying to make some kind of point. “You do know that if I suspect domestic violence, I am obligated to report it?” The nurse waited a moment and stopped tapping her pen. “Honey, if you tell me what happened, we can get you some help.”

Andy could tell by the tone of her voice that she really was trying to help but the whole night was getting the better of her, “I’m sure you want to help, but as I explained I am a police officer and those marks on my arm are from a suspect a few days ago.” Andy finally said in frustration. “And I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“You wouldn’t be the first police officer to be a victim. You must understand that this type of behaviour is just unacceptable.” The nurse was quickly back to tapping her chart, “you should---”

“Listen!” Andy spoke loudly enough to get the attention of most everyone in the emergency room. “Just give me whatever papers you need me to sign, so I can get out of here.”


Andy had been so focused on texting Traci that she hadn’t seen her approach them. “Monica, hi.” She had guessed her night couldn’t get worse.

“Kerry, can I see you outside for a moment?” Monica asked as she smiled at Andy.

By outside Andy guessed she meant the other side of the curtain, it only took a few seconds for Monica to return holding her chart and missing nurse Ratchet.

“Do you have someone to call?” Monica didn’t wait for her to answer, “we can’t release anyone with a head wound into their own care.” This time Monica paused for a moment, “The other option is to keep you in for observation.”

“I don’t need---” Her next protest was cut off by her ringing phone, “Traci, thank god … I need … I didn’t think … no stay I’m fine.” Andy snapped her phone shut and looked back up at Monica. Andy thought that she was enjoying the power over her a little too much.

“I’ll come back and check on you in a few minutes.” Monica dropped her chart into the holder at the end of her bed as she spoke. “If you lay down and close your eyes, it’ll help ease the pain.”

“Thanks,” was all Andy could manage in reply.


The Penny

“She asked for Swarek,” the bartender said as he handed Jerry the phone.

“Hi,” Jerry said, puzzled as he picked up the bar phone, “Detective Barber,” Jerry thought it was best to use his title. “Who’s this?” He waited a moment. “He’s not around at the moment … what did you---” He was cut off by the caller; if anyone had been watching him, they would have seen him pull himself straight up. “I’ll come get her.”


It hadn’t taken long for Monica to return to her ‘room’ with the news that someone was on their way to pick her up. It was all she said before she left her alone again, and there was only one person that thy both knew. Only one person for Monica to call, and it was the one person Andy had been trying to contact for weeks.

The last four weeks; well it had been four weeks since she had last spoken to him. Andy brought a replacement phone two days after she had drowned hers. She tried for weeks to contact him, leaving her new number on his voicemail and in several text messages. Andy had said every thing she could think of to let him know that what had happened wasn‘t his fault. Yet she never received a response. So, two weeks ago she sent her final text. It had read: ‘Just wanted to say sorry.’

Andy put Sam not responding to her down to him being back under. But with one phone call Monica had managed to not only get Sam to answer his phone, but also agree to come to the hospital. She could only imagine what she had told him to agree. What must he think of her?

Andy was still focused on that thought when Jerry pulled the curtain open. “Want a lift?” he said to her with a smile.

“Thank god,” Andy said as she grabbed her jacket. She wasn’t sure what she was happier about; that she was finally allowed to leave, or that it wasn’t Sam that had been called to collect her?

As Jerry smiled at her and held the curtain aside for her to pass through, it hit her. Did Monica know Jerry? Why wasn’t Sam here? Andy waited until they were at Jerry’s car before she spoke, “I didn’t know you knew Monica?”

“Oh I don’t, well I met her the once.” Jerry said as he clicked the button to unlock the car doors. “I was just at the Penny when she called for Sam.”

Andy had resisted asking Oliver where Sam was, and no one had felt the need to tell her anymore than how good it was that Sam had finally made it to Guns and Gangs. She had managed to avoid the subject of both Sam and Luke with Traci. After all but drinking herself point of blacking out; they had agreed not to discuss Luke, Jo, or anything else that had to do with her train wreck of a personal life.

At some point, Andy knew she was going to have to talk about it, but right now she needed to sort out other things in her life. “I fell.” Andy said. She felt she should explain to Jerry how she ended up in hospital. “I was unpacking and I slipped, and fell” she finished. Wasn’t much of an explanation but it wasn’t too much of a lie.

“Traci is expecting you,” Jerry replied.

“Thanks,” Andy said quietly, with a bit of a sad smile. She had only just moved off her fold-out couch, and now she was going straight back.

The rest of the ride was made in complete silence; it wasn’t until Andy turned to thank Jerry again, that he spoke first.

“He’s a good guy, you know?”

Andy wasn’t sure if Jerry was referring to Luke, and this was his way of trying to justify his behaviour with Jo, or if he was referring to Sam. Andy guessed it was her lack of response that caused Jerry to continue.

“Sam; if he could have come, he would have.” Jerry turned a little in the driver’s seat. “He’s not like…,” Jerry paused for a moment. “He wouldn’t put you in a position where your performance or reputation could be questioned.” Jerry paused. “Sam won’t push himself into a place he’s not wanted; if he thought he was making someone unhappy, he would remove himself from the situation.”

“Yeah,” Andy said, almost to herself.

“If he’d known, he would have come.”


Traci kept flicking her eyes from the road to Andy, and back again. She’d said little the night before, and nothing since they had left her house this morning. Unsure what to do next, Traci focused back on the road ahead; she was so far out of her depth. Should she make Andy talk? Should she have someone talk to her? Traci has even thought about asking Gail for help; at least Gail would be straight up with Andy, and maybe that’s what she needed right now.

“Do you know where he is?”

“Huh?” Traci glanced back over to Andy as she pulled the car into the makeshift parking lot at the back of the barn. “I don’t know?” Traci knew or guessed who she was referring to, however all Traci knew was what Jerry told her, and that wasn’t much.

“He always comes,” Andy said, “He’s always there … even when I don’t want him, and last night Jerry said if he’d known, he would have come.” Andy drew in a breath that sounded like she was on the edge of cracking. “I know he can’t … but …” Was the last word Andy managed to get out before her voice gave out.

At this point, Traci didn’t think it would be helpful to tell Andy the little she did know about Sam’s operation. Just as quickly she thought maybe if Andy knew something it might be better than nothing. More than likely, it would only make her worry more. It would just give Andy something else to blame on herself.


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