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28 August 2011 @ 03:54 pm
Feel It Now - Prologue  
Title: Feel It Now
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Rookie Blue. This is for entertainment only (and something I would love to see happen).
Pairing: Andy/Sam
Summary: With Sam gone to Guns and Gangs will Andy cope on her own?
Notes: This is my first Rookie Blue fic and it was set after ‘In Plain View’. I have changed the opening a few times to fit with what was happening and I was going to change it again but I will never post it if I keep doing that. It still fits well with what is currently happening.

I also need to thank Corrie and Amelia for betaing the is for me. It really is a very big thank you! However after all their hard work I still change things so the mistakes are all mine.



The Penny

“Hey, Ollie.” Jerry slapped him on the back as he pulled up the bar stool next to him. “How long has she been here?” Jerry dipped his head toward Andy and they both watched as Traci walked toward her.

“She was here when I arrived.” Oliver turned back to his beer, “Her cell kept ringing until she dumped it into a beer and she shifted to vodka … that’s when I though someone should come get her.”

“Did you try Callaghan?”

“You haven’t heard?” Oliver asked, while wondering how Jerry could have missed the station gossip.

“What?” Jerry looked confused, even as he watched Traci slip in next to Andy.

“Jerry, you’re a detective, right?”


“So, you have a girl who’s drinking herself into whatever girls drink themselves into at a bar. Do you think that maybe the boyfriend has something to do it?” Oliver waited a moment before continuing. “Especially when that girl is no longer wearing an engagement ring?”

“Shit.” Jerry looked around the bar, “Where’s Sam? He’s really good with McNally.”

“Sammy’s back under.”


“He took the opening in Guns and Gangs … they put him straight under.”

Jerry tapped the bar a few times with a closed fist as he processed Oliver’s last statement. “I didn’t think … he said he didn’t want to go under again?”

“Yeah well, I think recent events changed his mind.” Oliver drained the last of his beer, stood and pulled on his jacket with a smile. “Good luck.”

“Yeah … thanks.” Jerry turned his attention back to Traci and Andy. He could see that she Traci was working Andy up to leave, and he guessed that their night was over.


The Barn – Wednesday

“Quiet, everyone.” Best dropped his clipboard onto the desk, causing a sharp pain to run through Andy’s already aching head. “Now …” Best continued, and Andy was able to block most of what he was saying out by focusing on the pain, or rather hoping that the Tylenol would kick in.

It took the mention of Sam’s name to pull her half way out of the self-imposed misery. Not knowing what they were being assigned to, she turned her head trying to find Sam. Only she couldn’t locate him. She hadn’t seen or heard from him since she left the locker room yesterday. When she left the Penny he wasn’t there. Well not that she remembered anyway.

“ … I am sure that we would all have liked to congratulate Swarek on his promotion to Guns and Gangs, and that of Detective Sergeant however due to a pending case the standard transfer period was waived.” Best flicked the front page on his clipboard over. “McNally, you’re staying with Office Shaw; Shaw if you need any information on any cases, you know who to contact?”

Andy watched as Oliver nodded once, and Best continued with the rest of the briefing.

“You didn’t tell me about Swarek?” Traci said once they were out of the parade room.

“I didn’t know.” Andy went to reach for her cell phone, before remembering that she didn’t have one anymore.

“McNally,” Oliver called.

Wincing at the his loud voice, “Better go.”


Parkdale – 7:10 am Thursday

Sam had laid in bed with his eyes closed for almost 10 minutes now, hoping that when he opened them, he wouldn’t be in a rundown apartment in one of the worst part of Toronto. It had only taken a few hours to remember why he had been putting off the promotion. It amazed him how much those first few weeks back at the 15th had changed him.

He used to love being under; loved the thrill, the danger, the restriction and the freedom all at the same time. All it took was just a few weeks back with his friends, sleeping in his own bed. His own bed. He thought for a moment about his house, and how much work he had been able to get done on restoring it while he was back in uniform. What he really missed were his friends, sitting at the Penny with people who though he was a good person, instead of the scum of the earth.

The role he was playing at the moment was the worst of the lot. He was a pimp. Well, to be more correct, he was currently acting as a middleman, someone that could get you the girls you need. They were trying to track a group of men that were responsible for trafficking girls into the local sex trade. The team was hoping that Sam would be able to get himself positioned to access both the ‘importer’ and the gang managing the girls on the street.

This wasn’t really a safe role, not that it ever was. But this one relied on him convincing the gang that he could get them girls at a discount price. The hope was that the importers would not want this, and in the best case want to work with him and at the worst and more likely want to put him out of business. Either way, they would both expose themselves.

For the moment, though, Sam was focused on remembering who he really was. It was something that he did every morning he was under. One of the greatest dangers he faced was forgetting himself, forgetting who he really was. It was how undercover officers ended up addicted to drugs instead of catching the dealer, or feeling like they were part of the gang instead of a police officer.

The one thing that Sam hadn’t done this time was keep a contact phone. It really was a no-go kind of thing; they were never allowed to keep their phones or have a contact phone. Last time Sam kept his SIM card taped to the bottom of the fridge and a burner phone. He would swap his SIM card into the burner so was able to keep in contact with his sister and a few close officers. This time, he didn’t.

Sam didn’t for a reason. He had tried to get hold of Andy the night he went under and she wouldn’t take his call. Well, her phone was off. So he didn’t get a phone because he didn’t want to face the disappointment she must have been feeling. Never leave your partner, how many times had he told her that.

And that left Sam lying in a bed with his eyes squeezed shut, trying to forget that he was again living in a hellhole.

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E: rookie blue - sam/andy (just looking)txduck on August 28th, 2011 06:25 pm (UTC)
So angsty... I love that ;) Great job. I'd been meaning to check out some Rookie Blue fan fic, but hadn't done it yet. When I saw yours come across my friend page, I decided it was time... and I'm glad I did :)
novita: RB Sam Boardlone_poppy on August 30th, 2011 04:58 am (UTC)
Thank you! I glad that you enjoyed it.

I have been a little quiet lately and I have been sitting on this one so it was time I got myself underway.